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The Poseidon fourth-generation needle is made of surgical-grade stainless steel and is designed with engineering principles in mind. This makes the needle more durable, corrosion-resistant, and able to penetrate the skin more smoothly during the tattooing process. This design not only reduces pain and skin damage, but also provides a more detailed and precise tattoo effect.

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POSEIDON Tattoo Needles

Enhanced tattoo needle precision and comfort.

The POSEIDON Fourth Generation Tattoo Needle features surgical-grade stainless steel for better durability and corrosion resistance. Its advanced ergonomic design ensures smoother skin penetration, reducing pain and damage, and offering superior tattoo detail and precision. Compared to the Second Generation, it significantly improves comfort and accuracy.

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I gotta say, my experience at Poseidon Tattoo Supplies was top-notch! Their selection is truly impressive, catering to both novicesand seasoned tattoo artists alike. Whether you're just starting outor a seasoned pro, you'll find everything you need.

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Poseidon Tattoo Needles are renowned for delivering anunparalleled tattooing experience, coupling precisioncraftsmanship with striking, innovative designs.

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The LED color screen of POSEIDON tattoo machine has high resolution and color display, supports touch operation, displays information such as voltage, working mode, needle speed and depth in real time, and provides multiple working modes and preset storage functions, as well as battery prompts. and fault alarms, the interface design is intuitive and simple, supports multiple languages, and significantly improves the user's operating experience and work efficiency.

Adjustable Length

The adjustable length function of the tattoo machine allows artists to precisely control the penetration depth of the needle to adapt to different design needs and skin types, ensuring a safe and comfortable tattoo process while improving work efficiency and creation quality.

Needle Clip

The needle clip of POSEIDON tattoo machine is famous for its high-precision fixation, quick change, multi-function compatibility, precise adjustment and high-quality materials. Its ergonomic design and safety ensure a comfortable and stable operating experience, making it widely popular among professional tattoo artists. welcome.


The motor and power system of POSEIDON tattoo machine show strong power output and quick response. It also has a low-noise design, ensuring a quiet working environment. Its durable, reliable features and adaptable design allow it to meet a variety of tattoo needs, making it the tool of choice for tattoo artists


The body and grip of the Poseidon tattoo machine are carefully designed and manufactured. The body is made of high-strength metal alloy to ensure stability and durability. The grip is designed with non-slip material and is ergonomically designed to ensure that the artist is comfortable and stable for long-term use, making it a great tattoo artist. Favorite professional tool

About us

Designed & developed in Yiwu, China

Founder Wang Feng was first drawn to tattoo supplies after creating a home studio to support his shared passion with his tattoo-enthusiast brother and friend, Robert, an emerging tattoo artist. Wang Feng, a serial consumer products entrepreneur, envisioned tattoo needles with both premium quality and advanced ergonomic design that his brother and friend could use.

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Superior design and craftmanship

Exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design drive everything we do at Poseidon Tattoo Supplies. We are deeply passionate about crafting finely engineered, technically advanced tattoo tools. Using only the highest quality materials to ensure comfort, aesthetics, and functionality, we are dedicated to designing the ultimate tattooing experience. Our commitment is to deliver top-tier performance at every interaction, setting new standards in the industry.

Which wireless tattoo machine is right for you?

Not sure which one to choose? We have selected the most popular wireless tattoo machines. Compare them and choose the version that best suits your needs.

Gold Lightning wireless Dual Battery Rotary Tattoo Pen HM124
Gold Lightning wireless Dual Battery Rotary Tattoo Pen HM124 Sale priceFrom $62.90 USD Regular price$108.00 USD
Professionals High-End InkMaster Prodigy Tattoo Pen HM128
Professionals High-End InkMaster Prodigy Tattoo Pen HM128 Sale priceFrom $149.00 USD Regular price$249.00 USD

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Rotary Wireless




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Poseidon tattoo supplies brand was founded in 2001 and quickly made a name for itself in the tattoo industry with its high quality and innovative designs. At that time, the company's first product was recognized by tattoo artists for its excellent performance and reliability, laying a solid foundation for the brand.

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Best selling coil machine

With the growth of market demand and technological advancement, Poseidon launched a series of new products in 2006, including more advanced tattoo machines and accessories. The brand began to become international and established cooperative relationships with tattoo artists around the world to further expand the market.

POSIEDON Purple Top Tattoo Pen Machine HM121


Poseidon tattoo supplies brand's innovation and industry impact

In 2011, the Poseidon tattoo supplies brand introduced more innovative elements into its product line, such as wireless power systems and intelligent control technology. These new features allow tattoo artists to create more flexibly and improve work efficiency. The brand's reputation in the industry continues to increase and it has become the first choice of many professional artists.


Poseidon HM series product innovation and market promotion

With the continuous advancement of technology, Poseidon launched a new HM series of products in 2018, including HM127 and so on. These products feature state-of-the-art drive systems and materials for enhanced performance and durability. At the same time, the brand has also increased its investment in marketing and brand promotion, further increasing its visibility in the industry.


Poseidon's leadership and future commitment in the tattoo industry

By 2023, Poseidon has become one of the leading brands in the tattoo industry. The brand continues to innovate, launching more products that meet market demand, actively participating in industry events and exhibitions, and establishing cooperative relationships with more tattoo artists. In the future, Poseidon will continue to be committed to providing tattoo artists with the highest quality products and services and becoming a strong supporter of their creations.

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