Are tattoo needles universal?

Are tattoo needles universal?

Hello everyone, whether a tattoo needle is a long needle or a short needle, during the selection process, many tattoo artists will have a question, what kind of needle is better? In this selection process, how should we choose?


Safety performance


       First of all, we have to ensure that the tattoo needles you use must be strictly sterilized, and the sterilization indicator sheets must be blue. This is a safety consideration.


Closure options


 Whether it is a long needle or a short needle, its core part is the needle tip. In the selection process of the needle tip, as I introduced to you before, whether the tattoo needle has a curved and flat head, because if it has a curved and flat head, , then during such an operation, the damage to the skin will be huge, including when we choose the tattoo needle, its secant line, such as a semi-closed or extra-tight line, then we need to adjust the line according to our needs. Thickness, choose it. Just like many tattoo artists have reported to us why the needles used recently are relatively loose. We need to know whether the one you bought is a semi-cinch, or a cinch with thick threads for line expansion. Needle, because there is also a kind of extra tight needle, which we are talking about has a relatively tight closing and is suitable for cutting threads.

       Therefore, when choosing tattoo needles, from the perspective of safety and effectiveness, we all need to choose the one that suits us, has certain qualifications, and has good overall quality control. This kind of needle is what we need. .

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