Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt? Why do You Need To Get A Tattoo If It Hurt.

Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt? Why do You Need To Get A Tattoo If It Hurt.
  1.  In ancient times and some more primitive peoples in modern times, tattooing was a ritual in which a needle dipped in color or ink was inserted into the skin to leave a mark on the skin.
  2. It is a kind of belief. This kind of ritual mixed with endurance and pain is as important as a religious totem. In ancient times, the decoration of tattoos had important religious significance and magical power. People regarded those who could withstand such pain as heroes. Some ethnic groups used tattoos to celebrate a person's adulthood, and some ethnic groups believed that tattoos could prevent diseases and eliminate disasters. , even exorcism or immortality.
  3.  Since modern times, most churches have opposed tattoos. Perhaps from the naked eye, the process of needle tattooing is understood to be an uncivilized form. Therefore, the church believes that tattoos evolved from paganism and witchcraft. of. The Bible is against tattoos. In Tibet, people with tattoos cannot be cremated after death.
  4. However, in today's era of pursuing individuality and paying attention to unconventional clothing, tattoos, as a certain mark imprinted on the body, have become a new fashionable decoration. The biggest credit goes to the tattoo machine invented by Americans in the 19th century.
  5. This revolution makes the birth of tattoo no longer a painful process. Everyone can get a totem of their own through a quick, hygienic and painless method.
  6. Of course, there are still some places where the original acupuncture tattoo method is still preserved, such as Thailand. If you want to experience the unforgettable religious ceremony, it is worth a try. After all, this primitive method can last longer and retain the pierced skin. in color.
  7. Today, tattooing is done by using a machine to penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin with an ink needle, leaving ink marks on the skin. It does not touch the dermal layer of the skin, so unless the tattoo artist is too heavy-handed or makes a mistake, there will generally be no blood.
  8. Many people are afraid of it at first, but then fall in love with it and suffer from the so-called tattoo addiction. Some people want a tattoo because they fall in love with someone they don’t want to forget, some people want a tattoo because they have experienced an important milestone in life, and some people just want a tattoo because they want to be cooler when wearing short sleeves and exposing their arms in the summer.
  9. It is undeniable that today, tattoos are not only an expression of rebellious personality, but more importantly, a fashion sublimation. Not only should it reflect your personality and your beliefs, but more importantly, it should match your clothing style.

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