Green Soap Is A Must-Have For Tattoo Cleaning In The United States

Green Soap Is A Must-Have For Tattoo Cleaning In The United States

We all know that during the tattoo process, sanitary cleaning tools are essential, and "green soap" is one of the most important tools that tattoo artists need, but not everyone understands its use and chemical principles. Today we will introduce "green soap" in detail.

Green Soap, originally named Tincture of Green Soap, is a mild liquid soap made from plant extracts, glycerin and lavender. It is biodegradable, harmless to the environment and manufactured by COSCO in the United States.


It contains isopropyl alcohol and glycerin, making it water-soluble, but contains no animal ingredients, dyes, or fillers. It even doubles as a great foaming hand soap and shampoo!

Today, with the continuous changes in market development, "green soap" no longer refers to a single product, but has become a synonym for this type of cleaning product, which includes the emergence of products such as blue soap.

What is the difference between green soap and blue soap?

1. In terms of smell, blue soap is odorless, while green soap has a natural soap smell.

2. In terms of concentration, the concentration of green soap is higher than that of blue soap, so the cleaning effect of green soap will be stronger.

How to use "green soap"?

 "Green soap" needs to be diluted in advance before use and used with a foaming bottle. Fill the foaming bottle with pure water and then add a bottle cap of green soap. Shake evenly. When using, squeeze it out from the foaming bottle and apply it to the area to be cleaned.


 The role of green soap

In addition to effectively cleaning the tattoo area, green soap can also relieve redness, swelling, and itching, provide analgesia to the tattoo wound, and accelerate the recovery of the tattoo wound.

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