Why Are Tattoos So Expensive?

Why Are Tattoos So Expensive?

This is one of the most commonly heard questions regarding tattoos.

After everyone first asked how painful it would be to get a tattoo,

The second popular question: “Why are tattoos expensive?”

Therefore, I would like to clarify something here.

Reasons Why Tattoos Are Expensive

1: Equipment, supplies, rental and staff costs

Like any shop, the cost of running a tattoo studio is substantial.

Unlike a company, a tattoo studio is owned and operated by artists themselves.

House prices and rents vary across different areas.

Tattoo studio maintenance also includes

Equipment, furniture, supplies, and wages for employees, such as managers or assistants.

Almost all the supplies used by tattoo artists are disposable.

In addition to tattoo chairs and tattoo equipment,

Good studio tattoo beds and chairs will also be wrapped in protective covers and plastic wrap to ensure hygiene.

That means all those tattoo needles, tissues, healing films, gloves

Trash bags, plastic cups, etc. need to be reordered in bulk.

Another reason that tattoos can be expensive is as follows:

For example, the downtown areas of first-tier cities,

The operating expenses of a nice studio will be far greater than those of a studio in the suburbs.

For second- and third-tier cities.

2: Tattoo License

Many countries have set regulations that tattoo studios must comply with.

Since tattoo artists work with skin,

Local regulations require artists to have tattoo licenses.

Each state in the United States has different regulations, and you will also need to obtain the corresponding licenses.

For example, in South Korea, although tattoo removal itself is not illegal,

Under Korean law, tattooing is considered to be a medical service.

The tattoo artist is only allowed to open a shop if he is a qualified doctor.

Offenders face a minimum of two years in prison.

The Korean tattoo artist Doy revealed the following:

The situation leaves the country's more than 20,000 tattoo artists vulnerable to prosecution and random raids,

, and extortion reports from malicious or disgrunted customers.

Most tattoo studios in Seoul are located in basements or in secluded apartments.

This usually requires testing for hygiene, cleanliness, and application of charges.

The studio requires registration and a certain level of health insurance.

In 2020,

Japan's Supreme Court recognized tattoos as an art form for the first time.

rather than the medical procedures.

The victory for the tattoo community came after the tattoo artist's appeal against prosecutors was dismissed.

A 32-year-old male tattoo artist fined $1,400 for tattooing three people.

3: Design payment

Why are your tattoos expensive?

A large part of the reason is that artists spend a lot of time tattooing.

You will also spend time designing your work.

This is especially important if it is a custom tattoo.

This is why custom graphics are much more expensive than "assembly line reproductions."

In the design, the tattoo artist will put the theme you want

Considerable attention has been given to the design of the body position.

You are not only charged for the time it takes to get your tattoo done,

You are still paying for the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating your perfect work!

4: Size, location and details

The larger the tattoo, the higher the price.

However, location also needs to be considered.

The ribs or neck required more time than the flat areas.

Differences also exist when it comes to the amount of detail work involved in tattooing,

Hyper-realistic tattoos charge more than minimalist ones.

Time, details, and technical difficulty are all linked to cost.

Covering a bad tattoo requires more time and effort.

Usually, they are more expensive than white leather.

Prepare a sum of money to get a tattoo you are satisfied with,

Make sure you do not regret it.

Covering and laser removal of damaged tattoos increase costs.

5: Years of Dedication and Expertise

The reason why tattoos are very expensive is the same reason why dentists are expensive.

They all require many training skills and dedication.

Many tattoo artists apprentice for a long time before becoming full-fledged tattoo artists.

This could be one year or five years,

This depends on the individual and their master.

During their apprenticeship, they typically do not earn a substantial amount of money

Apprentices will tattoo customers free or they may only charge materials and supplies.

The students were ready to learn.

With the advancement of tattoo artists' skills and popularity,

They may increase their tattoo prices for a number of reasons,

Often, a high price is equal to a high level of skill and technique.

Most artists practice tattooing for years or even a decade, before charging a hefty premium.

However, if you are blown away by their artwork, it is definitely worth the money.

If you're asking: "Is it worth getting a tattoo so expensive?"

This means you don’t understand the skills and time it takes to become a good tattoo artist,

Or maybe you do not appreciate it as much as you thought.

The tattoo you imagined,

It is not as easy to learn how to buy a tattoo machine on Taobao and watch videos yourself.

Keeping this in mind when swooning a cheap tattoo

Why are tattoo expensive, Tattoo price, Tattoo information

Great tattoos, not cheap.

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