What would it be like to cover a tattoo with skin color?

What would it be like to cover a tattoo with skin color?

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Many customers ask if they can use skin color or skin color to cover up previous failed tattoos. Skin color cannot cover up tattoos. The method and principle of covering up are not random, let's first understand the principle of covering up!

Tattoos are made by inserting pigments into the dermis through a tattoo needle, which then penetrates the skin and appears. This requires understanding that the pigments are superimposed on the dermis of the skin through acupuncture.

If you need to overlay, the density of pigment particles needs to be very high to cover the tattoo. However, when the needle penetrates the skin, it will merge with the pigment previously deposited under the skin, so it can only lighten the original tattoo color, but not cover it.


Only dark colors can cover light colors in tattoos (if the proliferation is more obvious, you need to find another way). If you use flesh-colored pigments to cover, the pigments will only mix with the original tattoo pigments and will not have the effect of covering.

Because skin color and flesh color are both light colors, the best way to cover tattoos is to use blue and red, of course, including black. These colors are the best colors to cover tattoos.

Of course, it is possible to spend a long time on multiple superpositions, because each time the skin is pierced, the color of the original tattoo will be destroyed, which is also a way to reduce the original tattoo through external means. However, only a few people have tried this method.


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