What is the difference between the normal closing and the extra-tight closing of a tattoo needle?

What is the difference between the normal closing and the extra-tight closing of a tattoo needle?
Many tattoo artists will find a strange phenomenon. When buying tattoo needles, I may have bought the same ones, 3RL, 5RL or 7RL. Why do the needles I buy sometimes be thicker or narrower? The needles we buy will have tighter and thinner openings. In fact, this is the case. We first need to check whether the needles we buy before and after are the same kind of needles. Because the demand for tattoo needles in the market is getting smaller and smaller, so there are many tattoo needles. It is becoming more and more common for tattoo artists to use needles, such as extra-tight needles, including some ordinary closing needles. In this process, everyone has different needs for needles. Some tattoo artists need to expand the thicker line. , then he will choose some needles that are not particularly tight in closing. For such a needle, firstly, because the closing is not very tight, the lines it cuts will be thicker, and secondly, its ink storage capacity will also be It's bigger, so it's suitable for cutting thick lines. What are some extra-tight needles? Some tattoo artists need some. When it comes to extremely thin lines, during the operation, they need to be closed more tightly. So this kind of thin The operation of the line is very convenient. Of course, from a technical point of view, the extremely tight needle has a relatively tight closing. When operating the secant line, whether you use the push-up method or the pull-down method, the actual effect is They are not big and are easy to operate. There will be no cracks or burrs on the lines. However, for ordinary closing needles, it is recommended that you use the push-up technique. In that case, the lines will be more saturated and the lines will be smoother. If you use the pull-down technique, it is likely to cause splitting or burrs in the lines, so you can choose a round needle with a special tight closing or a normal closing needle according to your own needs. If there is anything else If you are not sure, you can also contact us POSEIDON

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