Has The Sound Of Your Tattoo Machine Become Louder?

Has The Sound Of Your Tattoo Machine Become Louder?

Hello everyone, many tattoo artists will encounter this phenomenon after using the tattoo machine for a period of time. The sound of the machine will become louder after using it for a period of time, and it will be louder than when it was first bought. So let me analyze the cause of this situation.

It belongs to the normal mechanical loss category. For example, the motor has a certain service life. As its working time increases, there will be certain wear and tear, and its sound will become louder in the future. This is within the normal loss range. What we need to observe is whether its running stability is affected? If it is not affected, the sound will increase within a certain range. This is a normal phenomenon and we don’t need to worry too much.


It belongs to the abnormal use of the increase

For example, the machine accidentally fell, because we all know that the motor machine is a very precise structure. During the operation of the machine or our daily work, it causes the machine to bump, causing the position inside it to be displaced, or the motor has some collisions and causes some deformations, which may cause the sound to become louder. This is irreversible damage. Such damage will cause the stability of the machine to decrease, which requires us to correct and maintain the machine. This situation requires the scope of repair.


Foreign matter has entered the machine, and maintenance is needed

One is that we will find that after using it for a period of time, it has a certain amount of wear and tear, and then there will be some plastic chips, including tattoo pigments, and even some pollutants inside the handle of the machine. At this time, we need to maintain the machine. How to maintain it? Next, there will be a special topic to give you a detailed introduction.

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