How to Maintain a Tattoo Machine?

How to Maintain a Tattoo Machine?

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How To Maintain A Tattoo Machine?

In daily life, friends who have cars will maintain and check their vehicles after some time to ensure they can be used safely and smoothly. The tattoo machine we often use in tattooing also needs maintenance after a certain period of use. Xi'an Tattoo Shop believes that a good tattoo machine can not only complete the tattoo work smoothly but also make the user feel relaxed. Therefore, proper maintenance is essential. The tattoo machine is not only a work partner for the tattoo artist. In terms of value, a good tattoo machine costs several thousand. Maintenance can also extend the life of the tattoo machine.

Below, Poseidon Tattoo Shop will introduce the maintenance method of the tattoo machine.

First of all, we must know how to distinguish whether the tattoo machine can work properly. A good tattoo machine has a crisp movement sound and will not heat up after working for a long time. After using it for some time, we will find that the sound of the tattoo machine will become low and the strength will decrease. It will heat up in a short time. The reason for this situation is that the dust and moisture in the air erode and oxidize the contacts of the tattoo machine. Sometimes, the heat is caused by the sudden increase of current due to poor contact between the foot pedal or hook line. Another reason for the decrease in the strength of the tattoo machine is that the elasticity of the shrapnel will decrease after a period of use or penetration caused by poor contact. These are some common factors that cause the tattoo machine to not work properly.
Knowing the reasons why the tattoo machine cannot work properly, we can carry out targeted maintenance and repair of the tattoo machine. The maintenance process is generally divided into several aspects: cleaning, replacement, and debugging.

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PoseidonTattoo Shop recommends that the tattoo machine can be cleaned by disassembling and cleaning the body and other parts with anhydrous alcohol so that the dirt and colorant attached to the surface of the tattoo machine can be thoroughly cleaned. If the shrapnel and each terminal are not oxidized very badly, they can be polished with fine sandpaper and wiped with an eraser, and they can generally continue to be used. If the shrapnel needs to be replaced, it can be returned to the manufacturer or some special tools can be purchased for adjustment and replacement, such as shrapnel adjusters and correction rods. There are also shock absorbers that need to be replaced frequently, otherwise the machine will resonate. For debugging, you can choose the strength and frequency that suits you according to the strength and sound of the tattoo machine.

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