Shihao: US Tattoo Artist with a Unique Style

Hi! Hello everyone, I am Shihao, a tattoo artist from the United States. I am passionate about the art of tattooing and make it my mission to create unique, expressive pieces.

My style is diverse and my inspirations come from a wide range of sources, from traditional to contemporary, from realistic to abstract, I am able to use my skills and imagination to create stunning tattoos for my clients. I like to challenge myself and constantly try new techniques and styles to keep my creations fresh and dynamic.

As a tattoo artist, I understand that tattoos are an important form of expression for my clients. Therefore, I value communication and understanding with my clients, listening to their stories and ideas to ensure that my work truly reflects their personality and values.

Safety and hygiene are always top of mind in my job. I strictly adhere to industry standards, use high-quality equipment and materials, and implement strict disinfection and cleaning procedures to ensure the safety and health of my customers.

If you are looking for a creative and experienced tattoo artist, I would be honored to offer you my services. Whether you want a small tattoo, or a bold full body piece, I look forward to working with you to create a unique and satisfying tattoo!

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