Yefren Delgado: Master Tattoo Artist in Venezuela

Hello, my name is Yefren Delgado, a tattoo artist from Venezuela. I have a passion for the art of tattooing as a way to express your personality and create art. I specialize in all styles of tattoo designs, including traditional, realism, watercolor, black and gray, geometric, and more. Whether it's a small and detailed piece or a bold and gorgeous tattoo, I love challenging myself to pursue the perfect piece of art.

I believe that each person's body is a unique canvas and I am committed to working with my clients to understand their wishes and stories and translate them into personalized tattoo designs. My goal is to create a unique piece for each client, allowing them to find their own voice and expression in their tattoos.

I pay attention to hygiene and safety, use high-quality equipment and pigments, and strictly follow hygiene standards to ensure that every client can receive my tattoo services with peace of mind. Whether you are looking to get your first tattoo or want to add a new piece to an existing tattoo, I would love to offer you my professional skills and services.

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