Professionals High-End InkMaster Prodigy Tattoo Pen HM128

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Size: Single Battery

Why Choose It ?

This Color Intelligent LED Screen Tattoo Pen is the top pick for serious artists. Why? Well, first off, it's got this brushless motor tech that's all about speed, low noise, and stability. It's like having a powerhouse in your hand that won't quit, even after hours of use. And check this out – it's got this crystal-clear LCD screen that tells you everything you need to know, from how long you've been working to the voltage and battery level. It's not just a tattoo pen, it's a smart, efficient tool that's perfect for any pro artist.

Poseidon HM128 Tattoo Machine

This Color Intelligent LED Screen Tattoo Pen is the real deal for serious artists. With a Cordless motor that's high-speed and low-noise, it's all about power without the noise. Plus, it's efficient, so you can tattoo for hours without overheating. And check out that LCD display – it keeps you in the know on working time, voltage, and battery level.

Now, onto the Poseidon HM128 Tattoo Machine – it's top-of-the-line, made in the USA for pros who demand durability and precision. With its tough aluminum build and powerful brushless DC motor, it's built for comfort and control during long tattoo sessions. And with different needle options, it's your go-to tool for creating top-notch tattoo art, no matter the style or skin type.

poseidon wireless tattoo machine hm128

Battery Pack

You bet! The HM128 battery is the real deal. It's not your average power pack – it's next-level tech. Think lightning-fast charging, like, blink-and-it's-ready kinda fast. Plus, it's smart about power, so you're not stuck mid-tattoo hunting for an outlet. With this baby, you've got the juice to keep the ink flowing and your creativity on fire.

Needle Depth Adjuster

The Poseidon HM128 Wireless Tattoo Machine features a precise needle depth adjuster, allowing for easy and accurate adjustment of needle length. This ensures optimal control and customization for each tattoo, providing artists with the flexibility to achieve perfect depth and detail in their work.

Brushless Motor

This HM128 wireless tattoo machine rocks top-quality German CNC-engraved brushless motors and hollow cups. Picture this: those cups are part of the motor, right at the tip of the tattoo pen where you pop in the needles. With CNC magic, those cups are spot-on, ensuring ink flows smooth as silk. And those brushless motors? They bring the power, stable and strong. What's that mean? Precision control and a slick tattoo experience, making it a breeze for artists to nail those intricate designs.

Cartridge Grip

Achieve perfect lines with the Poseidon HM128's ergonomic grip, ensuring even ink application and sharp precision for every stroke. Enjoy greater stability and accuracy with reduced vibration, giving you superior control for intricate and exact artwork effortlessly.


The Poseidon HM128 Wireless Tattoo Machine features an ergonomic grip designed for maximum comfort and control. Its shape fits naturally in your hand, reducing fatigue and ensuring a steady, precise hold throughout long tattoo sessions. The grip’s design minimizes strain, allowing for smooth, effortless strokes, making it perfect for both intricate details and bold lines.

Professionals High-End InkMaster Prodigy Tattoo Pen HM128
Professionals High-End InkMaster Prodigy Tattoo Pen HM128 Sale priceFrom $149.00 USD Regular price$249.00 USD
Professionals High-End InkMaster Prodigy Tattoo Pen HM128
Professionals High-End InkMaster Prodigy Tattoo Pen HM128 Sale priceFrom $149.00 USD Regular price$249.00 USD
Frame material

Space Aluminum Alloy


Five-axis precision Engraving Machining




Imported coreless motor. 8V/8000rpm



Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Lizeth Kuvalis

There is only one fault that does not wrap the machine sends it only with the unprotected cover and thus it can arrive with failure

Shaniya Runolfsdottir

Machine does as advertised I normally use FK Irons and my current machines are 2 years old but for that last week it has been just a back up to the Poseidon. It runs smooth and the adjustability and power is awesome. Only downside is it comes with a single battery but it was so cheap I just ordered another one.

Jovani Cartwright

Arrived pretty quick. The machine has a good weight, I haven't tested it yet but you can tell it is excellent.

Anabel Crooks

I liked it very much, beautiful machine has no noise, reliable seller, very OBG🙏🤝

Trudie Grady

Arrived super fast, all right. I will still use it, but I already recommend it for the value. Super accessible. Practically does not have vibration.